Blowing Agent Supplier

Blowing Agent Supplier

DPL: Leading ADC Blowing Agent Supplier in India

Looking for a reliable supplier of quality ADC blowing agents in India? Look no further than DPL, a renowned supplier of pure and high-quality blowing agents. Our brand name DPOFOAM, under DPL Globallinks, offers a range of blowing agents designed to enhance the quality and performance of various industrial applications. From artificial leather and PVC leather cloth to rubber products and thermoplastic foaming articles, our ADC blowing agents are widely used in the rubber, PVC, footwear, and plastic industries.

Unmatched Quality and Versatile Applications:

DPL follows the best manufacturing standards to produce uniform and compact bubbles with our blowing agent brand, DPOFOAM. Our blowing agents are commonly used for the expansion of PVC, natural and synthetic rubbers, and rexine sheets. With options including endothermic, exothermic, and combination blowing agents, we meet the specific requirements of diverse applications. Our blowing agents are suitable for artificial leather industry, PVC foaming sheets, insulation tubes, EVA foaming sheets, PE/PP/PS/ABS foaming sheets, rubber foaming articles, PVC shoe soles, leather cloth, and more.

Benefits of DPOFOAM and DPOCELL Blowing Agents:

DPOFOAM and DPOCELL blowing agents offer several advantages, enhancing the aesthetic and physical properties of the final product. With fine particle size dissemination and non-discoloring characteristics, they do not affect the color of the finished product. Our blowing agents disperse easily in polymeric compositions, resulting in a fine and uniform cellular structure, adding value to the end product.

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We are the trusted Blowing Agent Supplier for India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Our blowing agents are eco-friendly and do not emit carbon footprints, aligning with sustainable practices. As the largest ADC blowing agent importer and supplier in India, we offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Order in bulk and experience our reliable supply chain. Connect with DPL, the renowned blowing agent supplier, through our website at

DPL’s Industry Recognition:

DPL Group takes pride in being listed on the honor roll of Economic Times. We have been felicitated with the Best Plastic & Polymer Brand 2022, further solidifying our commitment to quality and innovation. At DPL Globallinks, we aim to serve the industry with the finest thermoplastic elastomers, chemicals, and additives, catering to a high-end client base. By choosing DPL, you contribute to our growth and expanding reach in the polymer industry.

DPL stands as a trusted supplier of ADC blowing agents in India. With our DPOFOAM blowing agents, we offer pure quality and consistent performance, enhancing the quality of artificial leather, PVC products, rubber articles, and more. Benefit from our competitive pricing, unmatched quality, and wide range of applications. Connect with DPL today and experience reliable supply and exceptional service as a leading blowing agent supplier in India.

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