Foaming agent for Rubber and Plastic products

Foaming Agent for Rubber or Plastic

Revolutionizing the Chemical Industry: ADC Foaming Agent for Rubber or Plastic

Introduction to ADC Foaming Agent

  • The revolutionary impact of additives in the chemical industry
  • Introducing ADC foaming agent for rubber or plastic
  • Enhancing the quality of final products through cellular structure

The Perfect Combination: ADC Blowing Agent for Elasticity

  • The unique blend of endothermic and exothermic blowing agents
  • Improving elasticity in rubber or plastic products
  • Customization options for specific applications

Tensile Strength and High Decomposition Structure

  • The remarkable properties of ADC blowing agent
  • Applicability in the rubber and plastic industry
  • Producing uniform and compact bubbles for superior products

Applications of Foaming Agent in Rubber and Plastic Industry

  • Transforming various products such as tires, car mats, and footwear
  • Enhancing the quality and performance of end products

DPL’s Eco-Friendly Solutions: DPOFOAM and DPOCELL

  • Introducing DPL’s rubber foaming agents
  • Eco-friendly alternatives with no carbon emissions
  • Contributing to a safe and healthy environment

Bulk Orders and Contact Information

  • Easy access to ordering in bulk
  • Get in touch with DPL for inquiries and assistance

DPL Group: Recognized for Excellence

  • Honored to be on the Economic Times’ honor list
  • Best Plastic & Polymer brand 2022
  • DPL’s commitment to serving the industry with high-quality products


  • ADC foaming agent revolutionizes the chemical industry
  • DPL Globallink’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction
  • Join us in shaping the future of the polymer industry
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