PVC Foaming agent

PVC Foaming Agent

Enhance Product Durability and Appearance with PVC Foaming Agents

The importance of product durability and visual appeal

The role of PVC foaming agents(ADCL Blowing Agent)

ADCL Blowing Agent:Creating Microcellular Structures

  • Tailored for PVC applications
  • Standardized process for microcellular structure production
  • Meeting requirements for decomposition speed, temperature, gas yield, and particle size distribution

Optimizing Product Characteristics with PVC Foaming Agents

  • Functional enhancements and bubble shape creation
  • Ideal processing conditions
  • Rapid foaming at a narrow temperature range

DPL: Your Leading Supplier of Quality PVC Foaming Agents

  • Introduction to DPL as a reputable importer, supplier, trader, and exporter
  • Unique PVC foaming agents: DPOFOAM & DPOCELL
  • Benefits of DPOFOAM & DPOCELL: shock absorption, storage stability, and ease of handling

Wide Applications of DPOFOAM & DPOCELL

  • Industries and products where PVC foaming agents excel:
    • PVC School Shoes, PVC Safety Shoes, PVC Slippers, and PVC Pipes
    • XLPE Foam Board, WPC Foam Board, PE Foam, and PVC Leather Cloth

DPL: Sole Agent of SELON for Industrial AC Blowing Agents

  • DPL’s exclusive partnership with SELON, the world’s largest producer
  • Assurance of unmatched quality and reliability

DPL Group: Recognized for Excellence

Embrace Innovation with DPL Globallinks

  • Serving a high-end client base with thermoplastic elastomers, chemicals, and additives
  • Staying ahead of emerging trends in the polymer industry

Join DPL Globallinks in Revolutionizing the Polymer Industry

  • Invitation to be a part of the journey
  • Together, expanding reach and delivering excellence

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