Thermoplastic Elastomer with extra softness and bouncing attributes compatible for versatile applications


DPL: Meeting Customized Demands with Quality Thermoplastic Elastomers

Introduction to DPL’s Manufacturing Excellence

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing unit and advanced machinery
  • Diligent professionals ensuring superior product quality
  • Catering to urgent and customized client requirements

Introducing DPOBLEND: The Specialty Polymer Compound

  • Highlighting the exceptional qualities of DPOBLEND
  • Recyclability for a sustainable future
  • Excellent chemical resistance and low smell properties
  • Ideal for the toys industry, sports products, and yoga mats

Enhancing Products with Anti-Slippery and Weather Resistance Properties

  • The value-added benefits of DPOBLEND
  • Anti-slippery properties for enhanced safety
  • Weather resistance for durability in various environments

Unleashing Creativity in the Toys Industry

  • DPOBLEND’s applications in the toys industry
  • Unmatched performance and safety standards
  • Enabling creativity and innovation in toy manufacturing

Elevating Sports Products with DPOBLEND

  • Enhancing performance and durability in sports equipment
  • Meeting the demands of athletes and sports enthusiasts
  • Ensuring long-lasting and high-quality sports products

Yoga Mats: Combining Comfort and Sustainability

  • DPOBLEND’s contribution to eco-friendly yoga mats
  • Superior comfort and support for yoga practitioners
  • Promoting sustainability in the wellness industry

DPL: Your Trusted Partner for Thermoplastic Elastomers

  • DPL’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Offering customized solutions for diverse industries
  • Contact us to explore the possibilities with DPOBLEND


  • DPL’s manufacturing prowess and dedication to excellence
  • DPOBLEND’s exceptional qualities for versatile applications
  • Empowering industries with high-performance thermoplastic elastomers

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