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Pigment Powder Supplier
Pigment Powder Supplier

DPL: Trusted Dry Pigment Powder Supplier in India

Looking for high-quality dry pigment powder additives for the polymer industry? Turn to DPL, a reputable and esteemed supplier based in Delhi, India. With our brand name DPOSHADES under DPL globallinks, we offer a range of organic and inorganic dry pigment powders. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing and stringent quality control ensures clean, non-staining, and consistent color effects in end products. As a leading pigment powder manufacturer in India, DPL caters to various industries, including rubber, paint, plastic, and thermoplastic, offering competitive pricing and unmatched standards.

Unmatched Quality and Color Consistency:

DPOSHADES dry pigment powders are formulated using the best manufacturing practices in India. We provide a comprehensive range of pigments, including general-purpose and high-performance grades. Our pure pigment powders possess excellent chemical resistance, offering bright, strong colors with exceptional transparency. With superior dispersion properties, our dry pigment powders maintain consistent color properties throughout every supply. Our in-house quality control ensures that the color properties remain uncompromised, providing reliable performance in diverse applications.

Versatile Applications and Benefits:

DPL’s DPOSHADES dry pigment powders find extensive applications in the rubber, paint, plastic, and thermoplastic industries. They are ideal for EVA soles, Hawai slippers, EVA sheets, Rexin, PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, rubber products, insulation, synthetic tires, PVC foam boards, soft compounds, yoga mats, auto parts, sport accessories, household products, plastic products, rubber toys, and thermoplastic products. Additionally, DPOSHADES pigments are well-suited for the paint industry, enhancing the depth and richness of final paint colors.

Enhancing Product Appearance:

DPOSHADES dry pigment powders from DPL offer exceptional tint strength and unparalleled tonality, improving the quality of end products. Our pigments maintain color integrity even in the presence of light and heat, enhancing the overall appearance of the final product. With fade resistance and reliable color retention, our pigment powders ensure consistent and appealing results.

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Contact DPL, the leading pigment powder manufacturer and supplier in India, to elevate the appearance and color quality of your end products. As the largest wholesaler, manufacturer, importer, and supplier of basic and premix dry pigment powders for the rubber, plastic, paint, and thermoplastic industries in Delhi and throughout India, we offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Take advantage of our in-house special color development facility and experience the best prices for DPOSHADES pigment powders.

DPL stands as a trusted and reliable supplier of dry pigment powders in India. With our DPOSHADES range, we offer superior-quality organic and inorganic pigment powders that ensure clean, consistent, and vibrant color effects in various applications. Benefit from our competitive pricing, excellent manufacturing standards, and in-house color development facilities. Reach out to DPL and witness the transformation of your products with the finest dry pigment powders available in India.


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