Zinc Stearate Supplier

Zinc Stearate Supplier

DPL – Your Premier Zinc Stearate Supplier in India

When it comes to enhancing the quality of your industrial products with value-added chemical additives, DPL is the name you can trust. As a leading zinc stearate supplier in India, we take pride in offering DPOFLOW, our premium brand of zinc stearate. Manufactured through an innovative process developed by our experienced R&D department, DPOFLOW boasts exceptional control over precipitation, particle size, and morphology. The result is a product that combines lightness, melt transparency, and stability, ensuring superior dispersion in the base polymer.

Let’s delve into the specifications of DPL’s DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate. Our granular form zinc stearate appears like free-flowing micro pearls, providing numerous benefits over powder form. It facilitates faster mixing when kneaded with EVA or rubber, saving you valuable time. With its high heat fusion, water repellency, gelling capacity, and non-sticky nature, DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate delivers cost savings of up to 7-8%. Moreover, its melt quality is clear and transparent, ensuring optimal performance in your applications.

At DPL, we strictly adhere to standardized manufacturing processes for zinc stearate, combining the desirable characteristics of transparency, purity, and thermal stability. Our company maintains rigorous quality controls and conducts thorough inspections to meet the prescribed standards, ensuring that our products consistently meet the needs of our valued customers.

As the largest zinc stearate supplier and wholesaler for the rubber, paint, automobile, and PVC plastic industries in India and beyond, DPL is your reliable partner. DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate acts as an exceptional internal lubricant with outstanding anti-block properties. Its moisture resistance and gelling properties make it a valuable lubricant for rubber and plastic polymers, improving their performance and durability.

Thanks to our continuous advancements in production equipment and technology, DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate granules are highly suitable for a wide range of applications, including sports shoes, joggers shoes, hawai chappal, yoga mats, EVA sheets, auto parts, PVC plastic, HDPE, and various other plastic and polymer industries. Additionally, DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate finds its place in the paint industry, offering excellent water repellency and remarkable dispersal capabilities.

For all your zinc stearate requirements, trust DPL as your premier supplier. We offer DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate granules at competitive prices, enabling you to improve the quality of your products. At DPL, we are committed to staying ahead of changing demands and continuously innovating our chemical additives to add value to your final output. Contact us today to explore the world of DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate and experience the difference it can make in your industrial processes.



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